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cindy (@brownca62@gmail.com)
Date:10/9/2009 12:37:21 AM
Subject:Researching Kuykendall,Murph Kellows in Arkansas
 Researching husbands family. Catherine M. Kuykendall was his great grandmother and Susan Murph her daughter who died in Tx. 1932 was his grandmother. Thanks to all responsible for transcribing all those census and making them available on this sight. Anyone having any more information,letters or pictures etc. we would love to hear from you.

Joel Wayne Windham Jr; of Austin, Tx (jwindham2002@msn.com)
Date:9/3/2009 12:17:23 PM
Subject:Windham's of Arkansas, Pike and Clark Counties
 I love your site, although I have discovered some mistakes on my grandfathers page; James Robert "Rube" Windham; son of Andrew Jefferson; son of Page Windham Is it possible to update? My father had a brother Keith Kenneth Windham and 3 sisters, not two. Other sisters still living are in their 80's living in Stratford,Oklahoma; I live in Texas. His sisters Lorine, Marie, and Mary Lou. Lorine Passed, my father's name was never "Bruce" not even a nickname. His name was Joel Wayne Windham, same as mine and my son's. I have more information on my family from my grandma's family bible. My great grandmother Luda Luna Wingfield Windham was not a Reynolds, although they did raise her(Her parents Jacob Wingfield and mom Luna Vaden). Her aunt Olma Catlette "aunt Cat" Reynolds raised her. and their aunt raised them. I have alot more from Bibles and from word of mouth from aunts and great uncle Quillie Davis Windham living in Ardmore Oklahoma verified this. His Dad was also Quillie Davis Windham. Please advise. Please correspond.

Francis McClure (mactexas@gmail.com)
Date:3/3/2009 9:02:53 PM
Subject:William Dickson Family
 I was happy to see a picture of my GGGrandmother Eletha Sewell Parsons. There is also a picture of my Great Grandfather,Great Grandmother and my Grandmother when she was a child. The picture is William Dickson and family. In the picture my Great Grandmother is misidentified. Her maiden name is Mary S Parsons not Mande Mobley.

Lisa (FOX) Bettis (@bettis62@wmconnect.com)
Date:12/14/2008 11:54:42 AM
 Still on the hunt for Fox family and connected. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE Lisa (Fox) Bettis

Melanie Ward (alaskaicebaby@aol.com)
Date:11/3/2008 12:21:29 PM
Subject:Wards in Pike County
 Researching Wards in Pike County. Specifically descendents of Meshack Ward, Green B Ward, George Riley Ward. Also would like to know who Frank Ward was that was killed in 1884 by the Polk brothers. Who was Frank's father or any of his brothers. any tips appreciated. thanks,

Karen Marrall (@Klyn040@aol.com)
Date:8/11/2008 3:30:08 PM
Subject:Wood Cemetary %26 Uncle Alfred's kids/grandkids
 Last October I traveled to the Wood cemetary in Pike county, for the reunion. Grandma had taken me down there once about 40 years before, and all I remember is Aunt Dossie house and lunch. It seems like we went by Glen Campbell's mother's home too, or his aunt. It was wonderful to meet my grandmother's people last year. Last October, I came with my cousin Barbara, my children, and my Uncle June. My biggest regret is that June was hoping to see some of "Uncle Alfred's" kids or grandkids. I'm sorry to say, June passed away shortly after the reunion. I hope some of ya'll will be there this year. Uncle June thought very highly of ya'll. Karen ( Klyn040@aol.com) (Rudy's daughter, Carmen's granddaughter, Ella Wood's great granddaughter) Hot Springs

Jack Henderson (hendsurn@comcast.net)
Date:7/18/2008 11:59:10 PM
Subject:Pike County and my famly's past.
 My dad was the Grady Henderson mentioned in the story about Little Chigger Hill School. Yes I am one of the lost tribe of Henderson, still trying to find the direct connection all the way back to NC. I was a member of the History group for a while, but due to medical problems I dropped out. Aim to rejoin, but at 72 and on a fixed income, I will have to think about just how. I really miss cousin Morris, and the e-mails we had over 10 years ago. Is the whole Arkansas Connection database still available anywhere? I remember and still have some old floppies from both of the cousins who got together and tried to find out where we all came from.

WI illiam Blakely Williamson (wbwmson@aol.com)
Date:5/24/2008 5:56:08 PM
Subject:photo and ID confirm Blakely family
 I am grandson of S.L. and Ida Blakely, who are buried at the cemetery at Delight, and I have an old photo that all the circumstantial evidence indicates is of the Blakelys in front of their house in Delight about 1910 or so. Includes S.L. Blakely, Ida Blakely, Anna Blakely (my great grandmother), Gaira Blakely (my aunt), Flossie Blakely (my mother at about 6 or so), and Reginald Blakely (my uncle). I visited the cemetery last year and found lots of graves of Blakelys. I wonder if you are aware of any surviving Blakely family members to whom I might send a copy of the photo for identification confirmation. By the way, I think the house from about 1910 is still standing and occupied today. Thanks. William Blakely Williamson.

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